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02 Mar

02 Mar

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Now is the time to discover the oldest civilization in history. Therefore, you must visit Egypt to discover the secrets of the pyramid and the Sphinx in Giza and see the rare Pharaonic treasures in the Egyptian Museum in Cairo. All this information will be obtained by the Egyptologist guide. Then we fly to Luxor and see one of the most important temples of the Pharaonic civilization, which is the Karnak Temple and also the Luxor Temple in The eastern mainland then we cross the Nile River to the western mainland to visit Queen Hatshepsut Temple and also the largest cemetery that contains royal tombs which is the Valley of Kings and Queens. Then we ride a boat across this immortal river and we see why Egypt is the gift of the Nile and we also enjoy oriental dance parties and Nubian dance. Then the boat goes to Edfu and then K. M Whampoa and stops in Aswan and there we visit the Temple of Philae.

Day 1

The first day is a reception at Cairo Airport by the company representative.Who will assist you in completing passport and customs procedures and receiving the bags? After that, you head to the residence hotel, which is about an hour's drive, by private air-conditioned car.

Accommodation hotel ( Marriott Mena house hotel
It is considered one of the oldest and most prestigious hotels in Cairo, and it is located facing the pyramids. This hotel is characterized by the archaeological nature, as it was built as a royal palace for more than a hundred years, which gives an impression of luxury, as it contains many monuments and royal treasures that belong to the family of Muhammad Ali Pasha.There is also a photo album for the kings, princes, princesses and presidents who stayed in this hotel

Day 2

Early morning after breakfast, you head with the Egyptologist guide to visit one of the Seven Wonders of the World .... the Great Pyramid ... and discover many of his secrets and you can enter the pyramid to see the engineering creativity for him. Next to the Great Pyramid there is a small museum with a boat that was found next to the Great Pyramid called sun boats. After completing the visit of the pyramid, we head to see the Great Sphinx, and after the completion of the visit to the Pyramids region, it is time to visit the oldest capital in the Pharaonic civilization, Memphis, which is about 30 kilometers from the Pyramids area, and there are many Sphinx statues, but smaller in size and there is also a huge statue for Ramses II .. After that, it is time for lunch in an Egyptian restaurant and eating Egyptian food that contains many famous and delicious oriental dishes .. After finishing lunch and relaxing, we return to complete the visit program where we go to visit the Saqqara region which contains the step pyramid and And the first hierarchical group in history. After that we go to enjoy a new experience which is riding camels during sunset and taking many interesting pictures, then having dinner in one of the Egyptian restaurants and ending the day and returning to the hotel.

Day 3

In the early morning after breakfast, we travel with the company representative to the airport to travel to Luxor on a flight about an hour and ten minutes. Luxor is one of the most beautiful archaeological cities in the world as it contains a third of the world’s monuments. After arriving directly, we start visiting the eastern mainland and visit the largest temples of Pharaonic history, which is The Karnak Temple, accompanied by the Egyptologist guide, and we also see the rams road that contains many statues of the Sphinx, which is the road that links Karnak Temple and the second temple in Luxor, which is the Luxor Temple, and then we go to the boat.
Accommodation ( Mayfair boat )
It is considered one of the best boats sailing in the Nile between Luxor and Aswan​

Day 4

After breakfast, we go with the egyptologist guide to visit the western mainland, and there we see a temple for one of the most famous queens of pharaonic history, Queen Hatshepsut, and then we go to visit biggest and the most important royal cemetery in Pharaonic history, which is the Valley of Kings and queens, and there we can see many of the tombs of the famous pharaohs like the tomb of the little king Tutankhamun. At the end of our visit to the western mainland we will visit the Memnon statue. Then we return to the boat that will sail in the immortal Nile River to the city of Edfu .. We can also see from the top of the boat the wonderful sunset view over the surface of the Nile